Specific Gravity of Liqueurs

The specific gravity or relative density is used to make layered drinks. You have to pour the heaviest liquors or liqueurs first, then slowly pour the lighter ones on top. Here are some tips on Floating and Layering.

Tip: You can change the specific gravity of a liqueur. To make a liqueur heavier, add sugar and to make it lighter, add vodka.


Specific gravity of liqueur brands, column headers with buttons are sortable.
B & BB & B1.0240
Blackberry SchnappsBlack Haus1.0331
Blue CuracaoFinest Call1.1292
Cappuccino LiqueurGodiva1.0749
Chartreuse (Green and Yellow)Chartreuse0.9980
Chocolate Cream LiqueurGodiva1.0773
Chocolate LiqueurGodiva1.0791
Cinnamon SchnappsGoldschläger1.0287
Cocoa CreamTequila Rose1.0750
Coffee LiqueurTia Maria1.0950
Coffee LiqueurKahlúa1.0790
GrenadineFinest Call1.2867
Hazelnut LiqueurFrangelico1.0650
Irish CreamCarolans1.0550
Irish CreamBaileys1.0570
Irish Cream with CaramelBaileys1.0712
Irish Cream with MintBaileys1.0706
Java CreamTequila Rose1.0750
Marula Cream LiqueurAmarula1.0495
Orange LiqueurCointreau1.0385
Orange LiqueurGrand Marnier1.0300
Peach SchnappsArchers1.1029
Peppermint SchnappsRumple Minze1.0262
Raspberry LiqueurChambord1.1300
SambucaRomana Sambuca1.0900
Southern ComfortSouthern Comfort0.9700
Strawberry CreamTequila Rose1.0750
Triple SecFinest Call1.1339
White Chocolate LiqueurGodiva1.0681

DeKuyper Brands

Specific gravity of DeKuyper liqueurs, column headers with buttons are sortable.
Anisette LiqueurDeKuyper1.0921
Apple SchnappsDeKuyper1.0844
Apricot BrandyDeKuyper1.0437
Blackberry BrandyDeKuyper1.0552
Blue CuracaoDeKuyper1.0704
Blueberry SchnappsDeKuyper1.0863
Butterscotch Schnapps (ButterShots)DeKuyper1.1225
Cherry BrandyDeKuyper1.0392
Cinnamon SchnappsDeKuyper1.0632
Coffee BrandyDeKuyper1.0543
Coffee LiqueurDeKuyper1.1389
Crème de BananaDeKuyper1.0822
Crème de Cacao (Dark)DeKuyper1.1141
Crème de Cacao (White)DeKuyper1.1204
Crème de CassisDeKuyper1.1211
Crème de Menthe (Green)DeKuyper1.0885
Crème de Menthe (White)DeKuyper1.1112
Grape PuckerDeKuyper1.0864
Hazelnut LiqueurDeKuyper1.0685
Melon LiqueurDeKuyper1.0924
Orange CuracaoDeKuyper1.0683
Peach BrandyDeKuyper1.0414
Peach PuckerDeKuyper1.0961
Peach Schnapps (Peachtree)DeKuyper1.1037
Peppermint SchnappsDeKuyper1.0435
Raspberry Liqueur (Razzmatazz)DeKuyper1.1390
Root Beer Schnapps (Old Tavern)DeKuyper1.0705
Sloe GinDeKuyper1.0261
Sour Apple PuckerDeKuyper1.0944
Strawberry LiqueurDeKuyper1.1005
Triple SecDeKuyper1.0668
Watermelon PuckerDeKuyper1.1051


Specific gravity of vodka liquors, column headers with buttons are sortable.
Melon VodkaSkyy0.9572
Berry VodkaSkyy0.9572
Vanilla VodkaSkyy0.9572
Citrus VodkaSkyy0.9572
Orange VodkaSkyy0.9614
Citrus VodkaSmirnoff0.9600
Lime VodkaSmirnoff0.9700
Orange VodkaSmirnoff0.9700
Raspberry VodkaSmirnoff0.9700
Vanilla VodkaSmirnoff0.9700
Apple Vodka (Green Apple)Smirnoff0.9800
Black Cherry VodkaSmirnoff0.9800
Cranberry VodkaSmirnoff0.9800
Strawberry VodkaSmirnoff0.9800
Watermelon VodkaSmirnoff0.9800


Specific gravity of gin liquors, column headers with buttons are sortable.
GinTanqueray 100.9412


Specific gravity of rum liquors, column headers with buttons are sortable.
Pineapple RumMalibu1.0280
Mango RumMalibu1.0280
Passion Fruit RumMalibu1.0280
Coconut RumMalibu1.0440
Dark RumMyers's0.9502
Coconut RumParrot Bay1.0593
Mango RumParrot Bay1.0593
Pineapple RumParrot Bay1.0593
Passion Fruit RumParrot Bay1.0593
Mount Gay RumMount Gay0.9480
Tropical Fruit Flavored RumRedRum0.9878
Caribbean RumJolly Roger0.9496
Spiced RumVooDoo0.9641


Specific gravity of tequila liquors, column headers with buttons are sortable.
EspecialJose Cuervo0.9502
ClasicoJose Cuervo0.9496
BlackJose Cuervo0.9505
TradicionalJose Cuervo0.9499
Reserva de la FamiliaJose Cuervo0.9502
CitricoJose Cuervo0.9584
OranjoJose Cuervo0.9583
TropiñaJose Cuervo0.9585