Bar Measurements

Most of the mixed drink recipes in our database I use ounces as the measurement for the drink recipes. Unfortunately, many people are not used to using this kind of measurement. I have made a couple of charts and a unit converter to help you with the conversions.


Whenever I say, "Splash" I mean a small amount. This small amount could be used to color a mixed drink or to add a little bit of taste to the drink. Please use your judgment on this one.


Whenever I say, "Dash" I mean a very small amount (smaller than splash). It could be a few drops like 5 or 6 drops.


Whenever I say, "Float" I mean a layer. It is a small amount that goes on top of the mixed drink. Please use your judgment.


"Part" means any amount you want. It could be 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 2 ounces, 1 cup or any other amount you want. It all depends on how big you want your drink to be.

Common Terms and Their Metric Equivalents

Common measurement terms with their metric equivalents
UnitOuncesMilliliters (Rounded)You May Use
1/4 oz1/4 oz7.39 ml7.5 ml
1/2 oz1/2 oz14.79 ml15 ml
3/4 oz3/4 oz22.18 ml22.5 ml
1 oz1 oz29.57 ml30 ml
1 1/4 oz1 1/4 oz36.97 ml37.5 ml
1 1/2 oz1 1/2 oz44.36 ml45 ml
1 3/4 oz1 3/4 oz51.75 ml52.5 ml
2 oz2 oz59.15 ml60 ml
Dash1/32 oz0.92 ml1 ml
Teaspoon (tsp)1/8 oz3.7 ml3.75 ml
Tablespoon (Tbsp)3/8 oz11.09 ml11.25 ml
Pony1 oz29.57 ml30 ml
Jigger1 1/2 oz44.36 ml45 ml
Cup8 oz236.59 ml240 ml
US Pint (pt)16 oz473.18 ml480 ml
US Quart (qt)32 oz946.35 ml960 ml
US Gallon (gal)128 oz3,785.41 ml3.84 L


Measurements and their equivalents in other measurements
Tablespoon (Tbsp)3 Teaspoons
Cup21 1/3 Tablespoons
Pint (pt)2 Cups, 1/2 Quart, 1/8 Gallon
Quart (qt)4 Cups, 2 Pints, 1/4 Gallon
Gallon (gal)16 Cups, 8 Pints, 4 Quarts
Liter1000 ml, 100 cl, 10 dl
Milliliter (ml)0.001 Liters
Centiliter (cl)0.01 Liters
Deciliter (dl)0.1 Liters