Facts About Alcohol

What type of alcohol do we drink?

Alcohol that people drink is called ethyl or ethanol alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol or Rubbing alcohol is NOT for drinking

Note: When you drink alcohol, it goes straight from your stomach or intestines into your bloodstream.

How long does alcohol stay in your system?

It all depends on how much alcohol you consumed and how fast; it also depends on some other factors like weight and sex. To get an estimate of how long it will take, use a BAC Calculator.

What is considered one drink?

One drink is a 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine or 1 ½ oz 80-proof liquor (distilled spirit).
Metric: One drink is a 360 ml beer, 150 ml wine or 45 ml 80-proof liquor (distilled spirit).

They all contain about 0.6 oz or 18 ml of alcohol.

Important: If you order one mixed drink that contains 3 oz of liquor, that is not consider one drink; it is considered two drinks because it has twice the amount of alcohol.

What exactly do they mean by "Proof"?

Alcohol proof is the amount of alcohol in the liquor or liqueur. It is twice the percentage of alcohol by volume. Example: 80-proof means 40% alcohol by volume, 100-proof is 50%, 151-proof is 75.5%, etc.

How do I know how much alcohol is in my mixed drink?

The simple answer is ask your bartender.

It depends on what mixed drink you are ordering. Some drinks contain more liquor than others. It also depends on the bartender and the establishment where you are buying the drinks. In some places the bartenders are free pouring and in other places they use jiggers.

Note: Every establishment sets the measurement of the drinks. So, you may order the same drink at different bars and get different amounts of liquor.

Does mixing different kinds of drinks make a person get more drunk?

No, it doesn't. The alcohol in the drinks makes you drunk not the different kinds.

Personal Note: I heard many people say, "If I start drinking beer, I'll keep drinking beer all night. I don't mix." They think that drinking something other than beer, will make them more drunk. You may drink whatever you want. It doesn't matter if you mix, just drink in moderation.

Will some drinks get you drunk faster than others?

Mixed drinks that contain carbonated beverages will get you drunk faster than mixed drinks that don't have any carbonation. Example: A "Vodka And Tonic" will get you drunk faster than a "Cape Cod."

Note: Carbonation speeds up the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream.

Will drinking a lot of coffee or taking a really cold shower help me sober up quickly?

No, they won't. The only thing that can help you sober up is "TIME." Coffee and a cold shower might help you stay awake, but they won't help you sober up.

Will eating a lot of food before drinking help keep me from getting drunk?

No, it won't. Eating before drinking slows down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. You will get drunk, but it will take a little longer.

Can alcohol can be deadly?

Alcohol is considered a poison. If you drink too much too fast, it can kill you. Please drink with moderation!

Things to keep in mind

  1. Eat something before you start drinking.
  2. One drink is a 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine or 1 ½ oz 80-proof liquor (distilled spirit).
  3. Don't drink too much too fast.
  4. Carbonated mixed drinks get you drunk faster than non-carbonated.
  5. Mixing different kinds of drinks doesn't get you more drunk. The amount of alcohol does.
  6. Coffee and a cold shower don't help you to sober up.
  7. The only thing that can help you sober up is "TIME."