Things to Know When Going to a Bar

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Things to Keep in Mind When Going to a Bar

If you want a table, arrive early or get bottle service

There are a few times that people come up to me and ask me, "How come there are no open tables?" Well, it's because the people that came early took all the open tables. If you want to get a table, you have to come early.

Note: If you don't want to come early and you want to get a table, get bottle service. Just make sure that the place that you go out offers bottle service.

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If you want drink specials, go during Happy Hour

What is Happy Hour?
Happy Hour is the time when drink specials and sometimes food specials are available at the bar. It is usually during slow business hours (about 3pm to 8pm) and during the week.

Note: At several bars, the drink specials are usually the well drinks, domestic drafts and/or house wines.

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If you like a drink, you could ask the bartender what's in it

If a bartender made a drink that you liked a lot, you could ask him what's in the drink. Most of the bartenders don't mind sharing the recipes with you. There is no secret recipe at the bar.

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If you don't specify the liquor, you might get a premium

If you go to a bar and order a Vodka and Tonic without specifying what kind of vodka, you might get a premium vodka. Which it's more expensive than the other vodkas.

In many places when you don't specify what brand of liquor you want, they'll serve the cheapest liquor that they carry. On the other hand, other places will serve a premium liquor which is more expensive.

My suggestion: When I go to a bar, I always specify what kind of liquor I want in my drinks.

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Chilled tequila shots

I know that many people like to drink chilled tequila shots. Just keep in mind that when a bartender chills your shot with ice, he's adding water from the ice to the tequila. So, you are drinking tequila with a little bit of ice water.

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Signature drinks

What are Signature Drinks?
Signature drinks are drinks that were created by the establishment. These are the drinks that are offered on the menus of the restaurants and bars.

Note: Signature drinks could be more expensive than any other drinks. Many times, a signature drink is a variation of another well known drink.

Keep in Mind: Signature drinks are drinks created by the establishment. If you go to a different bar and you try to order a signature drink that you had at another bar, the bartender is not going to know the recipe.

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When you transfer a tab, you also transfer the tip

If you have an open tab with a bartender and the bartender's shift is over, you have an option of closing your tab or transferring your tab to another bartender. If you choose to transfer your tab, any gratuity that you leave will go to the new bartender. The bartender that opened your tab and served you all of your first drinks will not be getting any tip from you.

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Preauthorizing cards

When you open a tab, some establishments will preauthorize your card. This is done to insure that your card is active and that you have enough money to pay for your drinks. The amount of the pre authorization will vary from place to place.

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Once you buy food, you pay tax on the whole bill

Have you noticed that when you buy a drink at the bar, you don't pay any tax? If you decide to order some food, you will pay tax on your bill.

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If you want a faster response, ask the manager

When a customer needs something, he usually asks the bartender. The bartender will do his best to help you, but in some cases it is better to ask a manager rather than a bartender.

Example: If you would like the channel changed on a certain TV, you could ask the bartender. But, if the bartender is really busy making drinks, you should ask a manager for that. In addition, at some establishments, the bartenders are not allowed to change channels. Only the managers can.

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You pay for the product and you tip for the service

When you go to a bar, you don't go to buy alcohol, beer, wine, etc. You could get that at the store for a less expensive price. You go to get a service. The service that you get at the bar, you don't get it at the store.

At the bar, you pay for your product and you tip for your service. Please be kind to your bartender, cocktail waitress and food server. They work hard to serve you. Thank you!

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Designated drivers

At some bars, many bartenders will give free sodas to designated drivers. This is done as a thank you for not letting your friends drive drunk. PLEASE, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

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