Bar Etiquette - Making Your Drinks

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Bar Etiquette: Making Your Drinks

Don't place your empty glass on the bar mat

The bar mat is the place where bartenders make drinks. If you want another drink, don't place your empty glass or your empty beer bottle on top of the bar mat. Leave your empty glasses and bottles on top of the bar. The bartender will pick them up from there.

Note: There could be several bar mats at the bar. The bar mat the you shouldn't place your empty glasses is the bar mat that the bartender is using to make drinks.

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Don't reach and take ice out of your drink

Bartenders have to fill the glasses with ice when making drinks. If you don't want a lot of ice, let the bartender know. Don't reach and take ice out of the glass when the bartender is about to make your drink.

Remember: Less ice does not mean more alcohol. It means more juice or soda.

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Don't take the drinks before the bartender has finished making them

When a bartender is making your drinks, he will have them on the bar mat. Once he finishes making your drinks, he will place them on top of the bar. If the drinks are still on the bar mat, don't grab the drinks. They are not ready to be served. Wait until they are placed on the bar top.

Personal Experience: There are a few times that I'm chilling a martini glass with ice and water when the customer picks up the martini thinking that it's ready.

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Don't say anything until you get your drink

When the bartender is making your drink, don't make any comments until he serves you the drink. Here are some examples:

Example 1: The bartender is making a Long Island Iced Tea. After he pours the first two liquors, a lady says, "it's that it!" He replies, "Am I finished making your drink?" Then, he continues pouring the remaining liquors and serves the lady.

Example 2: The bartender is making an Adios Mother Fucker. He was almost finished making the drink when a guy says, "I thought it was blue." The bartender pours the remaining liqueur (Blue Curacao) and he replies, "it is blue!"

In conclusion, don't say anything until you get your drink. If your drink is not correct, then you say something to the bartender.

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No making out while the bartender is making your drinks

You order your drinks then you start making out. When the bartender finishes making your drinks, he doesn't want to interrupt your moment. Unfortunately, he has to do it because there are other customers waiting for him. If you don't want to be interrupted, don't make out when you're waiting for your drinks.

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Watch the bartender when he is making your drinks

If you don't trust the bartender, watch him make your drinks. If you ordered a specific liquor, you could watch and make sure that the bartender pours the liquor that you specified. If you don't watch him, don't give him a look and ask, "did you really poured Grey Goose?" He might reply, "no, I poured the cheapest vodka and I'm charging you for Grey Goose."

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Don't name all the drinks that the bartender is making

If you are seating a the bar watching the bartender make drinks for all the customers. Don't seat there and start naming all the drinks that the bartender is making. It's great that you know your recipes, but there is no need for you to be naming all of them. Don't you have something better to do?

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Don't try to teach the bartender how to make drinks

If you are a bartender at another bar, don't come to this bar and try to teach the bartender how to make drinks. Every bar is different. In addition, there are several recipes for one drink. You might make a drink differently at your bar than the way the bartender makes it at this bar and that's OK.

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Don't tell the bartender how to do his job

Who are you to tell the bartender how to do his job? Are you the manager or the bar owner? You shouldn't tell anybody how to do their job unless your are their boss.

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Don't tell the bartender that he is too slow

If the bartender is too slow for you, then go to another bartender. You don't have to be rude and tell the bartender that he is too slow. Maybe the bartender is not slow, you are probably really inpatient.

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Don't ask for trays

Bartenders don't have trays behind the bar. The only people with trays are the cocktail waitresses. If you are going to order a lot of drinks for a group of people, get somebody to help you carry the drinks to your table. You can also order drinks from the cocktail waitress and she will take them to your table.

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