Bar Etiquette - Getting the Bartender's Attention

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Bar Etiquette: Getting the Bartender's Attention

Don't whistle

Are you looking for your dog? Why are you whistling? Your dog was not allowed to come in. You whistle at your dog not at the bartender.

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Don't yell, snap your fingers or tap on the bar

Don't yell at the bartender. The bartender's name is not, "Hey!" In addition, don't snap your fingers or tap on the bar. The bartender is not you maid.

If you are at the other end of the bar, don't yell at the bartender. Go to the bartender or raise your hand so he can come to you.

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Don't yell the bartender's name

You might know the bartender's name, but you don't have to be yelling his name. Don't pretend that you know the bartender just because you know his name. If you want a drink, wait until he gets to you.

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Don't call the bartender any names

Don't call the bartender bro, homey, home boy, dog or any other name that you use.

If you really need to call the bartender, get close to him and call him with respect. Example: Excuse me sir. Please, try not use the word "bartender" to call him. Bartender is his profession, not his name.

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Don't interrupt the bartender while he's helping another customer

If you see that the bartender is helping a customer, don't interrupt him. It is rude to interrupt a conversation. Wait until the bartender finishes with the customer. Then, you could call him.

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Don't wave your money

You are not at the strip club. You are at the bar. You should have your money ready when you come to the bar, but you don't have to wave it.

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Don't touch the bartender

Would you like somebody to go to your work place and touch you or grab you? Most likely, you don't. Bartenders don't like it either. They don't want to get touched or grabbed by the customers.

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Don't throw anything at the bartender

If you don't want to make the bartender mad, don't throw anything at him. If you think that by throwing something at the bartender, you might get his attention. You will succeed on getting his attention. In addition, you will also get the attention of security. At the end, you will get kicked out of the bar for throwing stuff at the bartender.

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Don't hide. Make yourself visible

If you want to order a drink, you have to make sure that the bartender can see you. Make yourself visible and don't hide.

Example: Some bars have beer tabs on top of the bar. Don't stand behind the beer tabs (specially if you're short) if you want the bartender to see you.

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Don't get on the bartender's face

Don't get too close to the bartender. Give him some space. You can order drinks at a close distance, but not too close that you get on the bartender's face.

Caution: If you get too close to the bartender, you could get splashed with liquor or lime juice while his is making drinks. Stay at a safe distance.

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Don't climb on the bar

If you are short and can't see the bartender, don't climb on the bar. Get a stool or get somebody to order the drinks for you.

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Don't bother the barback

In case you don't know, the barback is the bartender's assistant. He washes glasses, restocks beer and liquor and helps around the bar. If you see a barback behind the bar, don't bother him. He is not the bartender. Don't ask him to make you a drink or to call the bartender.

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Don't make eye contact with the bartender if you do not want a drink

If you don't want to order any drinks, don't make any eye contact with the bartender. At the moment that you make eye contact, the bartender is going to approach you thinking that you want to order a drink.

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Don't hit on the bartender

Do you really think that you have a chance on going out with the hot bartender? Do you think that the bartender wants to go out with his/her customers? Do you know how many people hit on the bartender? Leave the bartender alone. There are plenty of men and women at the club. You don't have to hit on the bartender.

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If you want to get the bartender's attention, the best way to do it is with a smile.

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