Bar Etiquette - Arriving at the Bar

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Bar Etiquette: Arriving at the Bar

Dress appropriately

Dress accordingly to the place that you are going to visit. Call the establishment and ask if they have a dress code. If you go to a nightclub, don't wear a T-shirt, shorts or flip-flops. For a nightclub, you should dress to impress. If you go to a sports bar, it's OK to wear sports attire.

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Don't try to sneak in. Specially if you are underage

Over 21: If you sneak in and get caught, you could be asked to leave the nightclub or pay for the cover.

Underage: Don't even try to sneak in. You will get kicked out immediately. You are not old enough to be in the nightclub. The nightclub can get in trouble with the law if there is a person underage.

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Don't try to use a fake ID or somebody else's ID

Don't bring fake IDs to the bar. It is illegal to possess an ID for the purpose of establishing a false identification. If you are underage, don't come to the bar.

Don't try to use somebody else's ID. It is illegal to use another's identification as one's own.

Be Aware: When you present a fake ID or somebody else's ID to a security at a nightclub, he might take it away from you. Don't try to get it back because the security can call the cops on you for presenting false identification.

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Don't complain when the bartender asks you for an ID.

Bartenders have to check that you are old enough to drink, so they require that you show them your ID. It's the law.

Don't come with excuses when the bartender asks for your ID. Here are some examples of what people say:

  • The security already checked my ID.
  • Do I look under 21?
  • I'm 30 years old.
  • Are you serious?
  • I left my ID in the car, but I'm over 21

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Don't bring your own alcohol

Don't try to sneak in small bottles of liquor. Don't be cheap and buy the alcohol at the bar.

Note: If you have a banquet and wish to bring your own wine, know that there might be a corkage fee.

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No weapons allowed

Don't bring any weapons (guns, knives, etc.) to the bar or nightclub. This also includes anything that could be used as a weapon.

Example: If you go to a nightclub on Halloween night and you are dressed like a baseball player, don't bring a baseball bat to the club. If you decide to dress like a police officer, don't bring a baton.

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Items not allowed

Besides alcohol and weapons, there are more items that are not permitted inside the nightclub.

Here is a list of items not permitted:

  • No Prescriptions
  • No Pills
  • No Tear Drops

The reason why some items are not permitted is because the contents might not be what you expect.

For example: A person brings a small bottle of tear drops, but the real content of the bottle is a date rape drug. That person intents to use it on somebody's drink to commit a sexual assault.

Note: There might be more items that are not permitted at the nightclub that are not listed.

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