Bar Etiquette

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Bar Etiquette: How to Behave at the Bar

In all my years of bartending, I have met a lot of wonderful people. I get a lot of regulars that come to my bar on a regular basis. I have even become good friends with some of them. In all these years, I have also met some people that are not as pleasant to be around. People that don't know how to behave at the bar or nightclub.


This bar etiquette was written to inform about some inappropriate behavior from patrons as well as from bartenders. The response shown is not necessarily what a bartender will do or say. It is more about what the bartender is thinking when he/she encounters a given situation.

Note: If you feel that a bartender was rude to you in any way or form, please report him/her to management. If the bartender works for a corporation, please call the corporation to complain about the situation that you encountered with the bartender.

Arriving at the Bar

It's the weekend and you would like to go out and have some fun. You've decided to go to the nightclub. There are a few things that you should know before heading to the bar. For example: Is there a dress code? What are you allowed to bring to the club? Did you bring your ID?

Getting the Bartender's Attention

Upon you arrival to the bar, the first thing that most people would like to do is to get a drink. Therefore, you go to the bar and approach the bartender to order some drinks. What is the best way to get the bartender's attention?

Ordering Drinks

Now that you have the bartender's attention, you want to order a drink. What is the appropriate way to order your drinks? Are you ready to order? Any special requests?

Making Your Drinks

You have placed your drink order. What should you do when the bartender is making your drink? Did you get the drink that you wanted?

Drink Prices

It's time to find out how much is going to be for your drinks. Are the prices too expensive for you? Are there any discounts? Any specials? Can anybody get a free drink?

Tabs, Credit Cards and Paying for Drinks

How are you going to pay for your drinks? Is it with cash, credit card or with something else? If you are going to use a credit card, do you have to leave a tab open?


Do you have to tip the bartender? How much do you have to leave for a tip?

While at the Bar or Nightclub

You already order your drink and now you are ready to party. What are the things that you are not suppose to do while you are at the bar?