Bar Backing Duties / Barback's Job

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Barback Duties

A barback is a bartenders' assistant. They work behind the bar next to the bartenders. Many of their duties are similar to the bartenders' duties.

Note: Barback duties are different for every establishment. Some establishments don't have barbacks at all.

Setting Up The Bar

  • Get ice for all the wells. This is the first thing that should be done. Without ice, mixed drinks can't be made.
  • Prepare fruit trays. Garnishes are important for the drinks. Make sure there are some backups.
  • Restock the bar with beer, liquor, wine, glassware, juices, etc. Make sure that everything is at the bar and that there are enough backups for the shift. Note: Always rotate the products.
  • Check the draught beers to make sure they're working and that they're not empty. If they're empty, change the kegs. Note: Do not lift a keg by yourself. Always get somebody to help you and always lift with your legs and not with your back.
  • Get trash cans and towels.
  • Make sure that the bar is clean before opening it.

Work Flow

  • Collect empty glasses from the bar.
  • Wash glassware. When washing glassware, use warm soapy water to wash, clean water to rise and cold sanitizer to sanitize the glassware.
  • Wipe the bar top constantly.
  • Restock anything at the bar.
  • Help the bartender on anything that he/she needs.

Closing Duties

  • Wash all the glassware.
  • Restock beer, liquor, etc.
  • Clean the bar.
  • Place dirty towels in their appropriate location.
  • Get rid of the trash and boxes.
  • Make sure that the beer cooler is clean and organized.
  • Always "Close to Open." This means to leave everything ready for the next day