Bartending Guide

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Bartenders Guide

How to Become a Bartender Learn how to become a bartender, the qualities of a bartender and more.

Bartenders' Responsibilities There are some laws that bartenders should be aware of. There is a big responsibility when you are serving alcoholic beverages.

Bartender Job Description Bartending is not just the making of mixed drinks.

Barback Duties A barback is a bartenders' assistant. They work behind the bar next to the bartenders.

Bartending Techniques If you want to become a bartender, you need to master some bartending techniques.

Cocktail Garnishes Learn the different types of cocktail garnishes and when to use them for your mixed drinks.

Bar Glassware There are many different kinds, sizes and shapes of bar glassware.

Bartending Equipment / Tools Every bartender needs bartending equipment to make their mixed drinks.

How to Order Mixed Drinks Learn how to order mixed drinks. Learn what's a well, call and premium drinks.

Bar Measurements Here are some descriptions of some of the terms that I used in my mixed drink recipes. There is also a conversion chart for my international visitors.

Specific Gravity Chart Use these charts to make layered drinks.